About Me...

Hi ! Allow me to introduce myself and my work. My name is Victoria Herrera, and I am hands behind The Shape Ceramics. Originally from Barcelona, I established my company in 2021 in Baden, Austria, and have recently relocated to Hartberg, Styria, where I currently live and work. 
In my creative process, I explore two distinct lines of work. The first focuses on functional pieces such as bowls, vases, and boxes, while the second delves into the realm of personal expression and abstraction. In this second line, I let my mind run free, capturing my thoughts, rarities, and curiosities. I affectionately call it 'The fun stuff!' 
Each of my pieces holds a representation of myself that I aspire to share with the world. As a visual person, I revel in playing with shapes and colors in my studio. Throughout the design process, my objective is to provide a fresh interpretation or use for existing objects, imbuing them with a new perspective through modifications and alterations. 
It is during the creation process that each piece begins to flourish and establish its own unique identity. This is when I typically assign names to my creations, as they develop their distinct personality. 
I take great joy in crafting one-of-a-kind pieces, which is why I refrain from casting them. I cherish the individual variations in shape, color, size, and even the occasional flaw. It is these idiosyncrasies that make each piece truly special. 
To bring my creations to life, I employ various ceramic techniques, such as hand-building and wheel throwing. Every piece is meticulously hand-painted using commercial glazes chosen with careful consideration for both aesthetics and the piece's suitability for containing food or liquids. 
Being a conscious human being, I am dedicated to recycling in my studio. This includes not only recycling clay but also finding innovative purposes for old glaze containers, magazines, bags, shipping containers, and more. I continuously discover new ways to give these materials a second life, and it fills me with pride. 
I hope you find as much delight in my pieces as I experienced in creating them! Thank you for your support.